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The fear of perfection. This is something I think all creatives have experienced. It’s not as if we are afraid of perfection, its that we are afraid we can’t find it.


I remember, early in my career, spending countless hours pouring over the most minute of details, following rabbit trails while editing that would leave me exhausted after taking 2 hours to make a single transition. I was sure that I had finally perfected that transition and the video was now perfect because of it. Then a couple months later I go back and look at the project and see that it, compared to the next project I was working on, was total crap. This is not some isolated experience. This is a pattern I began to develop that still rears its head today. You can look at this in two ways, either that I was digging too far into the weeds with that project and lost sight of the overall piece (which is sometimes true) or that each project shows a little more growth in the creator.


Accepting that perfection is unattainable is not giving up on the pursuit of it. It is simply changing the goal. The goal is not perfection, that will drive you crazy and keep you up at night. The goal should be excellence. Excellence carries with it the idea that at that stage in life, at that moment, this is the best you have. That takes the pressure off and allows the creator to be more open to new possibilities. My best work so far has been when I have released my control of a project enough to allow excellence to seep in from those around me.

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